What We Do

070608_DP Africa_0364_WHAT WE DOE-Three Labs identifies communities that are on the cusp of growth but are slowed by inadequate access to energy. We build relationships in those communities by working with local schools and community leaders, and by coordinating with nonprofits already working in the region. These relationships form a network that we activate to bring the E-Three Labs model to the community.
Our model has four core components:
• We bring sustainable energy sources to the community, targeting computer labs and schools that have computers and other technology that are under utilized.
• A training and technical assistance curriculum designed to provide young people with the education and certification to enable them fill technically demanding positions, or to introduce technology into existing entrepreneurial activities.
• We establish, design and implement adequate and effective social safety nets.
• We create a network of idea and resource exchange between our communities by hosting international conferences where youth from our target communities will further develop their skill sets by leading and participating in youth created workshops related to E-Three Labs training programs.

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