Global Youth Conference

E-Three Labs is working in partnership with The Teboho Trust Organization ( in Soweto, South Africa to organize and facilitate the Global Youth Conference: Empowering Community Development & Sustainability (GYC: ECD&S) this coming August 2010.

The conference is a student lead leadership program that enables youth from developing communities to travel internationally to teach, learn, and present on topics that address alternative energy, urban agriculture, and financial literacy. The conference will host students from Detroit, MI, Washington D.C., Kingston Jamaica, and Soweto, South Africa.

Selected organizations who will be sending young people to the conference include the following:

Catherine Furguson Academy, Detroit MI: Urban Agricultural Development; The 10 students from CFA ( will be conducting a leadership project focused on the development of urban agriculture for food security, community development, & sustainability. The CFA students will be designing and building a 50 square meter greenhouse for student and community use in Soweto while also presenting information on crop rotation, soil improvement, irrigation, and crop diversity. Students will be trained in Detroit where attendance and completion of the training is required as a prerequisite for attending the South African conference.

Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy, Detroit MI: Module Solar Systems; The 8 students from the BKB Academy will conduct their leadership project on portable solar modules that provide stand alone electricity for LED lighting, cell phone charging, computers and small refrigeration units. Students from BKB Academy will be trained in Detroit by E-Three Labs to design, assemble, disassemble, and reassemble the portable solar modules for use by students and community members in Soweto. All training courses will take place outside of school hours and are required as a prerequisite for attending the South African conference.

Teboho Trust Students, Soweto, SA:  Young Creators Entrepreneurial Development; Our host students from Teboho Trust will present their leadership project on developing entrepreneurial opportunities through hand made arts and crafts. Students will use practical methods and examples from their existing student lead business model in Soweto. Outcomes from the leadership project will focus on turning projects into businesses and working across international boundaries to collaborate in international opportunities for all students that attend the conference. Students will be trained in South Africa and will be required to complete all training courses as a prerequisite to attend the conference.

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