2013 Hawassa Project

E-Three Labs partnered with the Ethiopian North American Health Professional Association and the Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy to bring together students from Detroit and Hawassa, Ethiopia for hands on experience designing, implementing and managing solar-PV energy systems. International Knowledge ExchangeStudents learned underlying concepts related to energy implementation (e.g. how to inventory electrical loads in a building and calculate energy requirements based on use patterns).

E-Three Labs travelled to Hawassa with eight students from the Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy where they worked with 19 students from the Tulla High School to help train local community members in the practical applications of PV-solar systems. The students teamed up in an intensive, 10-day knowledge exchange program at the Tulla High School where they designed solar installations for rural health facilities in Hawassa. The workshop was much more than an academic exercise — Tulla students are scheduled to help with the implementation of their designs at the clinics.

The PV-solar installation will address critical needs at the rural health clinics by providing power for lighting, basic medical instrumentation, computers, refrigeration and pharmaceutical storage.

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