2010 Soweto Project

E-Three Labs partnered with Incite Focus, the Catherine Ferguson Academy and the Teboho Trust Organization to facilitate the “Global Youth Conference: Empowering Community Development and Sustainability.” The Conference was hosted in Soweto, South Africa and included youth participants from Detroit and Soweto.

Global Youth ConferenceE-Three Labs designed the conference so that it was lead by students from the Catherine Ferguson Academy and students from the Teboho Trust schools in Soweto. Student leaders created presentations and hosted workshops to help each other learn about alternative energy strategies, technologies appropriate to the specific needs of developing communities, urban agriculture, and natural systems. Students also held workshops and led classes that focues on the financial skills and knowledge necessary to create sustainable development projects.

In addition to the presentations and workshops, students from Detroit and Soweto formed teams to develop urban agriculture plans that could address local food security needs. As part of this project they built urban greenhouses at the Nkathuto Elementary School and learned to design, assemble, disassemble and reassemble portable PV-Solar systems appropriate for use at Nkathuto Elementary and in the community of Soweto.

Student leaders from Soweto lead a “Young Creators Entrepreneurial Development” workshop where they presented business plans and economic development strategies involving the international sale of local hand made arts and crafts. Students from Detroit worked with students from Soweto to develop strategies that could create economic links between the two cities.

As knowledge exchange and international partnerships also require cultural sensitivity and literacy, students from Soweto accompanied students from Detroit when they visited the Mandaela Prison, Apartheid Musuem and the Hector Peiterson monument.

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